• If your toilet seat is looking worn out, damaged or you simply seem like a modification, you’re going to need to fit a brand-new seat. In this guide we will take you through how you can eliminate your old toilet seat and set up a shiny new one.

    How to Remove a Toilet Seat:

    Eliminate Seat From The Quick Release

    If your toilet has a quick release button, push this and after that lift up the toilet seat to leave just the fixings.

    Appear The Fixing Caps

    Utilizing a screwdriver, pop up the caps that cover the seat fixing to expose the bolts beneath.

    Unscrew The Bolts

    Using a screwdriver, loosen the bolts on both sides.

    Get rid of The Fixings

    With the bolts loosened up, you must be able to get rid of both the bolts and the repairing kits all set to install your new seat.

    How to Remove A Traditional Toilet Seat:

    Unscrew the Nut Underneath the Toilet

    Look below your toilet and find the nut below. This will usually be a wing nut that you can get rid of by hand but if it’s a routine nut, you will need to loosen it with a wrench or pliers.

    Pull Up The Seat

    As soon as you have removed the nut, it’s as simple as pulling up the seat.

    Prior To Installing a New Toilet Seat

    Prior to installing your brand-new toilet seat it’s a good idea to offer the location where the fitting sat an excellent tidy. As soon as you install the new seat you will not be able to get to it once again until you install another, so take the opportunity!

    Before you buy and install a new toilet seat, it’s also important to check it’s the proper size and type for your toilet. Thankfully we’ve created a detailed guide to take you through whatever you need to understand.

    • How To Fit A Toilet Seat:
    • Insert the plastic plugs
    • Insert the hinge
    • Secure with bolts
    • Align seat
    • Connect hinge caps
    • Reattach the seat

    This describes how you can fit a top fixing toilet seat, for bottom repairing seats, see the guide below.

    Place the Plastic Plugs

    Insert the two plastic plugs that featured your toilet seat halfway into the holes of the toilet pan.

    Insert The Hinge

    Place the metal washer that featured your seat on top of the plastic plug, then place a hinge over the top of the washer.

    Protect With The Bolts

    Insert the included bolts into the hole on each of the hinges and tighten with a screwdriver.

    Align The Seat

    Line up the toilet seat over the two hinges and push it into place. Make sure the seat is in the correct position and tighten up the bolts further if required.

    Connect The Hinge Caps

    Press the quick release button once again to remove the seat. If you are happy with the positioning, snap the hinge caps into place.

    Reattach The Seat

    When you have included the hinge caps, the only thing delegated do is to reattach your seat to the quick release system.

    Assemble The Fittings Provided

    Using the guidelines offered with your toilet seat, put together the fittings for the toilet.

    Drop The Bolts Into The Toilet

    When the fittings are assembled, you can line up the bolts and drop them into the holes either side of the toilet.

    Tighten The Nut Underneath

    As soon as you have actually found the bolt behind your toilet, you will need to screw the nut provided onto it. Do not tighten up the bolt too tight yet.

    Examine The Seat Position

    Make sure you more than happy with the position of your toilet seat. When you feel it is correct, tighten up the nut below fully.

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