• Keeping your shower head clean is actually essential. If you’ve discovered that the circulation of your shower is lower than it used to be or the water is no longer coming out directly, opportunities are your shower head is congested with dirt and mineral deposits. As soon as you’ve examined the issue isn’t due to low water pressure, you can prepare to clean your shower head!

    You Will Need:

    • White vinegar
    • Plastic bag or sandwich bag
    • String or rubber bands
    • Sponge with scourer/ old toothbrush
    • How To Clean A Shower Head:
    • Scrub Off Loose Dirt Or Limescale

    The primary step when cleaning your shower head is removing any dirt or limescale that’s not too stubborn. With a searching sponge or a toothbrush, provide it an excellent scrub all set for descaling.

    Fill a Bag With White Vinegar

    Take a plastic bag, sandwich bags will work particularly well, and fill it with white vinegar.

    Place Bag Over The Shower Head
    Location the plastic bag over the shower head until it is completely submerged, then using string or an elastic band, protect the bag. Ensure the bag is connected tight enough that it won’t slip and come off once you release.

    Leave To Soak

    Leave the shower head to take in the white vinegar for a minimum of an hour.

    Get rid of The Bag & Run Water

    Remove the shower head from the bag and run the warm water to clean out any deposits which might be trapped around the nozzles.

    Scrub Excess Dirt

    Using a toothbrush or scourer fabric, scrub off any excess dirt or limescale that hasn’t been gotten rid of by the vinegar. You can then rinse the shower head with a separate tap to remove any last mineral deposits and that vinegar smell.

    You can likewise clean up the other side of the shower head with your sponge, the vinegar needs to provide it a brilliant shine.

    Fill your plastic bag with white vinegar and location it over the top of the repaired shower head, making sure the entire fixture has been immersed. Using string or elastic bands, connect the bag onto the pipeline leading into the shower head. Connecting the bag securely is much more essential when cleaning up fixed shower head, so make certain it’s safe and secure! When you’ve left it to soak for approximately an hour, remove the bag and wash the head with warm water. Use a scourer or toothbrush if the component is still unclean.

    Cleaning Up A Shower Head Without Vinegar

    Although vinegar is a popular service for cleaning shower heads, there are other techniques you can use. Baking soda, oven cleaner, expert items and even cola can all be effective when attempting to clean your shower head.

    In some cases you need to go to the professionals! Bathroom Cleaners can be used to quickly get rid of limescale and deposits gently without damaging the plating. These cleaners will also give your shower head a lovely shine. Just like the majority of cleaners, we suggest testing the product on a little location initially and constantly examine the bottle to see if the finish of your shower is compatible.

    Baking Soda

    Like utilising vinegar, cleaning your shower head with baking soda is a non-chemical technique. Take your sodium bicarbonate and mix it with water up until you are able to produce a paste. Using a pair of gloves, spread the paste across the shower head and enable it to sit for 15 minutes. It’s important not to leave the sodium bicarbonate on the shower head for too long, as it can end up being really hard to rinse. After its been left to soak in, wipe it off with a fabric and your shower head need to be sparkly clean.

    Oven Cleaner

    Although it is clearly created for another function, oven cleaner can also be used to descale your shower head. As oven cleaners are developed to cut through exceptionally difficult gunk charred inside your oven, they can be rather tough so it’s crucial to use it sparingly and wear gloves. Merely spray the head uniformly with the oven cleaner, leave it for 20 minutes then rinse with warm water.


    A lot of soda beverages contain citric acid, tartaric acid and phosphoric acid, all of which are found in bathroom cleaning products. Although it may not do too at creating a shine, soda beverages can be exceptionally efficient at unclogging mineral deposits and limescale in your shower head. We suggest using a plastic bag connected around the shower head similar to the vinegar technique above, leaving it to soak for an hour before washing. When selecting a soda pop brand name, any need to work as long at is has the 3 components we’ve mentioned above.

    Keeping your shower head clean is important not only for aesthetics however also for the continued good functioning of your shower. If you’ve attempted all of the approaches above to clean your shower head and it still isn’t cleaning up, it might be time to remove it.

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