• Picking the ideal bathroom taps is as individual to some as picking your next cars and truck. They’re a practical, trustworthy, and constant component of your life that’s going to remain in your house for a substantial quantity of time. How do you make sure you make the best choice? It’s simple: weigh up all of your alternatives.

    We’ve put together a beginner’s guide to the various kinds of bathroom tap and their finishes so you can be definitely specific that you make the right choice. Without more ado, let’s tap into the details. (We’re sorry!).

    Important Considerations:.

    Water Pressure.
    Your water pressure figures out which taps you have in your bathroom, so it’s crucial that you’re mindful of this in advance.

    If you set up a tap that requires a high pressure to function, but have low water pressure in your home, then it’s likely you’ll get nothing more than a measly drizzle.

    Before selecting between the different kinds of bathroom tap, you’ll need to ensure you find one that’s ideal for your pressure system to guarantee it works completely. As long as your home reaches the ‘minimum water pressure’ required by your new tap, then you’re good to go.

    Tap Holes.
    Whether you’ve gotten your hands on a fancy brand new basin (fortunate you!), or if you’re simply changing an old tap, it’s essential that you remember of any pre-drilled tap holes. If your basin has one pre-drilled tap hole, then you’ll need a mixer tap so you can get both your cold and hot water through one spout; whereas, if you have two tap holes, you’ll require some pillar taps – traditionally one for warm water, and the other for cold water – or alternatively, a deck installed mixer tap.

    Obviously, if you’re a fan of things looking additional contemporary and have a restroom without any pre-drilled tap holes, you can either select a wall mounted tap, or drill as many tap holes as you please depending upon the kind of restroom taps you prefer. It’s nearly excessive flexibility!

    Bath vs Basin Taps.
    Watch out when you’re buying your taps that you’re definitely taking a look at the right ones. Frequently, you can get your hands on a matching set of basin and bath taps, or perhaps a set bundled together. But if you’re seeking them independently, you wish to make sure you get both a particular bath and basin tap as they’re not a one-size-fits-all offer. Be careful you don’t wind up attempting to fit a bath tap to a basin – you may wind up losing precious time and money on an unfortunate error.

    Types Of Bathroom Taps.

    Mono mixer taps are reasonably self explanatory as soon as you’ve understood their expensive name. Mono, indicating one singular tap; and mixer, indicating a tap that mixes both your hot and cold water circulation into one stable stream.

    These are the most common type of bathroom sink taps, and are readily available in a substantial range of designs and colours. They’re perfect if you currently occur to have one pre-drilled tap hole, or even if you’re simply a fan of classy minimalist visual appeals. Mono basin mixer taps definitely will not dissatisfy.

    Mono basin taps are also offered in a range of sizes, so if you’re adding a smaller sized basin to your cloakroom and need a mini mono bathroom tap to match, then you definitely won’t have a hard time to find any!

    Pillar Taps.
    Pillar bathroom taps or pillar tap sets are usually connected with more standard bathroom design – you might have even had a pair of these beauties in your youth house! There’s no rejecting they are a design classic. What’s more, they’re now offered in more modern-day designs if you’re after more modern kinds of bathroom tap.

    These wonderful tap pairs provide you exceptional control when achieving your preferred water temperature thanks to the specific hot and cold handle style. This can be a truly convenient function when you’re running a bath for those more heat sensitive children, or even for your furry good friends too.

    The only down-side with these beauties is their placement: if you occur to have two tap holes, or are able to drill two brand-new ones, then you’re covered; nevertheless, if you’ve invested in a gorgeous basin with only one tap hole, you’ll need to take a look at a mono basin tap rather – thankfully great deals of our taps are offered in a variety of styles so it’s most likely if you’ve found “the one” however it’s not in the right style, there might be something really similar in your necessary style offered anyhow.

    Wall Mounted Bathroom Taps.
    These divine bathroom taps are perfect for the modern design enthusiast due to their wandering off away from the conventional basin installed taps; although, like all excellent types of bathroom taps, wall mounted taps are readily available in both modern-day and traditional styles.

    A terrific advantage to wall mounted taps is the hassle-free maintaining of your basin and bath. There are no deck mounted taps for you to awkwardly try to clean around, so you can keep your decks as clutter-free and clean as you please.

    Obviously, whilst there are no tap holes to hinder your innovative style ideas, it is very important to keep in mind that you’ll require to position these taps someplace in practical situ to your basin or bath. Conserve the incredibly high-up positioning for your high-end shower head!

    3 Hole Bathroom Taps.
    Those of you who enjoy to make a statement are bound to be tempted by a striking 3 hole bathroom tap. It’s similar to a 2 hole tap in the sense that you have both a cold and hot lever, with the third additional hole being the spout itself in the centre.

    These types of basin taps appropriate for practically any bathroom design as they’re available in both modern and conventional styles. What’s more, ever the varied tap, 3 hole basin and bath taps come in both wall installed and deck mounted designs, so you can enjoy this style no matter your orientation choice.

    Tall Bathroom Taps.
    When selecting your dream bathroom sink taps, there are frequently other aspects to consider aside from the apparent cosmetic desires all of us have. For instance: what kind of basin you have. If you’ve gone with a truly superb countertop basin, many basic types of basin taps simply will not reach the right height for an ideal water circulation; this is where tall basin taps can be found in! High rise mixer taps are striking in appearance and perfect for any taller, elegant countertop basins you may have.

    These all been available in mono mixer form and a variety of both classic and modern designs. As always, be wary of your water pressure when buying a tall bathroom tap, as there’s more for the water to travel and you may for that reason require a slightly higher water pressure than typical.

    Bridge Taps.
    These incredible bathroom mixer taps require two tap holes, one each for the cold and hot handles, which then satisfy and mix in the middle at the spout, enabling you two acquire the ideal water temperature. Bridge taps cater more towards those traditionalists among us, frequently boasting a long spout and two crosshead tap manages. Don’t let their conventional look fool you, these classy bathroom basin taps use the latest in contemporary technology to guarantee you get the greatest quality items.

    Types of Bath Taps.

    Bath shower mixers offer you the supreme bathroom tap adaptability. They permit you to have a traditional bath filler together with a shower handset extending from the tap. These are fantastic for shower baths where area is at a premium or for rinsing hair whilst in the bath.

    Deck Mounted Bath Taps.
    Deck mounted taps are connected to your bath using holes drilled into your bath rim. Deck mounted taps are most likely the most common type of bath tap you’ll see as they are easy to install and offer a clean, minimalist appearance.

    Wall Mounted Bath Taps.
    Wall installed bath taps are a stylish way to reduce the clutter around your tub. These taps are connected to the wall above your bath and extend out in order to fill it. They are excellent for those who wish to produce a minimalist appearance and deal flexibility, as they can be positioned either at the foot or along with the bath. Wall mounted taps can be harder to set up as drilling into the wall is needed, which likewise implies accessing pipelines for upkeep can be harder.

    Mono Bath Taps.

    Mono bath taps are a magnificently simplistic bathtub accessory. Including just one deal with to manage flow & temperature & one water spout, these taps are perfect for anyone looking to develop a minimalist restroom space.

    Bath Pillar Taps.
    Pillar taps are perfect for anyone wanting to produce a traditional restroom. Including separate taps for hot & cold water, they are easy to install and offer accurate control over temperature.

    3 Hole Bath Taps.
    3 hole taps provide easy control over hot & cold water. These bath taps use 3 holes, one for warm water control, one for cold water control and a third for a water outlet.

    4 & 5 hole Bath Taps.
    Our 4 & 5 hole bath taps include hot and cold water controls & outlets in a range of different combinations. Along with a basic bath outlet, they likewise include a shower handset which will offer you the feel of a revitalising shower whilst in the bath.


    Freestanding bath taps are a stylish enhance to your freestanding bath. These bath taps consist of a long pillar which is connected to the flooring to reach up into your freestanding bath. They can be placed anywhere around your bathtub and this flexibility is ideal if you do not want to move your existing plumbing or wish to completely customise the appearance of your bath.

    Bathroom Tap Finishes.

    Black Taps.
    You might have come across the new monochrome bathroom trend on Instagram, Pinterest, publications or even in your good friends’ houses, and there’s obvious as to why it’s so popular. Black restroom taps offer a timelessly stylish look that instantly adds a touch of extra style to your home. In some cases it’s all in the information too, which is why we’re such huge fans of black restroom taps. No matter if you’re going for it grayscale, or if you simply fancy a touch of black design, we have the tap for you.

    These declaration taps are available in a plethora of designs, so whether you’re after a restroom basin tap, or a bathroom shower mixer tap, or both – you’re bound to fall for one (or all) of our black taps. You can shop the full variety here.

    Gold Taps.
    Taking your bathroom to an entire brand-new level of luxury is practically the very best reason to get your hands on a beautiful gold restroom tap. Brushed brass restroom taps offer a subtle golden tint that will have visitors turning green with envy. Match them with your bath taps and shower head for a completely regal bathroom look, or just add a subtle touch of gold in the form of a basin mixer tap.

    Brass Taps.
    The beauty of brass bathroom taps is their variety in both designs and surface. You may choose things a little shinier too, in which case a refined brass tap might be more suited to your house.

    Chrome Taps.
    In some cases, simpleness is crucial, so if you’re a fan of a subtle touch of style in the restroom, then chrome bathroom taps are certainly a game-changer. These minimalist taps provide a sophisticated chrome surface that complements any bathroom visual, and assure a long lifetime of reliable quality.

    Available in a shocking quantity of various designs, our full variety of chrome taps ticks all of packages, so you can kit out your restroom without any inconvenience, no matter your tap holes or absence thereof!

    Something a Little Different.
    Of course, whilst chrome taps offer a magnificent simplicity, there are some equally as striking competitors that include a couple of additional pops of colour to your bathroom; for instance, copper taps, increased gold taps, and stainless-steel taps.

    Copper bathroom taps guarantee to include a touch of individuality to your restroom design, particularly if you’re a fan of industrial design, whilst the latter offers a slightly more brushed alternative to the shine of chrome taps. If you like the simplicity of chrome taps however aren’t searching for something rather so glossy, stainless-steel provides another timeless appearance that includes a more modern-day touch to your bathroom mixer taps.

    As constantly, each surface is readily available in a variety of styles so you aren’t limited by a number of tap holes. Just keep in mind to watch out for the minimum water pressure required to prevent any setup catastrophes!

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